A Strategy Consultant’s Journey Down the Web3 Rabbit Hole

There will be a time,

When you feel the wind of change;

Opportunities bound to arise,

Will you summon the courage?

To take the leap of faith,

And embrace, what life thus far has led you towards

Hello everyone! I’m Eugene (aka Lord Yuge in Discord). Hope you’re as excited for Avium as I am, because we are building something yugeeee.

Web3 technologies allow us to craft something magical that was never before possible — empowering true ownership of the brand by the community. Yes, you will soon be the owners of the Avium brand, and together, we will Make Avium Great ̶A̶g̶a̶i̶n̶, MAGA!

Let’s connect professionally on LinkedIn — I post content on Avium every single week, keep an eye out, as sometimes I do giveaway on LinkedIn 👀: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugene33/ 🤝

As far as I know, Avium is the first project in history that has done WL giveaway on LinkedIn — yes, I’m proud of Avium being the pioneer in the Web3 space! More and much bigger innovation and disruptions to come from Avium (yugeeee!)

Before Avium, I was a strategy consultant for almost 3 years. What does a strategy consultant do, you asked? Well, rumor has it that we fly around different cities every week and stay in fancy hotels, but rarely get to enjoy nice things, as we are busy cranking out advices in the form of presentation slides for our MNC clients (multinational companies).

I can attest that every part of the rumor is true. At least, until COVID hits and we are all grounded😢

My consultant life @ Swissôtel The Stamford Singapore

I look forward to bring some of the strategic thinking skills that I’ve learnt over to Avium, to help our community members chase your dreams using the Avium IP and the rich resources within the Avium ecosystem! Whatever is it that you want to achieve, whether it’s starting a café, comic series, animation, s̶t̶r̶i̶p̶ ̶c̶l̶u̶b̶, let’s figure them out together in our upcoming journey in Avium!

Before my strategy consulting role, I was a student in engineering — where I spent some time on the design and manufacturing of Rolls Royce Trent engines. Guess who’s the only East/Southeast Asian dude below? ;)

Sweet dreams are made of this — building the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine with my boys

I wish I can say that this engine can bring Avium to the moon, but technically, Trent engines cannot go to the moon, as aircraft engines literally need surrounding airflow to lift the plane upwards— problem is, there is no air in space! However, worry not, as I shall bring Avium to the moon, whatever it takes😤

Even before my time studying and building engines, I was doing some volunteering work and travelling the globe. The only continents I have not been to are South America and also Antarctica! I have a close friend who’s a polar explorer though, and I hope one day we can plant the flag of Avium at the South Pole (and also the moon)! For Avium, For Antarctica, For All! 🥶

Summer in Tanzania — I’m the chief artist for the water tank we constructed

I’ve been doing very different things in my life — consulting, engineering, volunteering — Which brings the question, why Web3, and why now?

I first got into Web3 in 2017 during my university days. At that time, it was just a bunch of nerds discussing about the future potential of Web3 (I went to Imperial College London, probably the nerdiest university outside of MIT and Stanford). I even attended a couple of Web3 conferences, without fully able to appreciate cryptocurrencies back then. Still, my friends and I degen-ed into cryptos, and subsequent got burned in the December crash in 2017. The silver lining? We never sold throughout the long crypto winter (💎🖐️), and together we bought close to a million Dogecoins when it was still below 0.5 cent … (Sold them at 30+ cents in 2021 — thanks Papa Musk!). Funny thing is, my friends actually suggested us to buy CryptoPunks (and CryptoKitties) back in 2017, but we were too busy doing university assignments and did not bother enough to buy it, despite being so early. Grave, grave, mistake :’)

During the long bear market, I consciously looked away from the market and focused on other aspects of my life, such as pushing myself to be the best strategy consultant I can be. I missed out DeFi summer in 2020 as I was occupied with making slides to advise companies on national COVID response policies. It was only until March 2021 where I started following crypto again, when my university friend told me about our Dogecoin moon bag (it was 70 cents at its peak, meaning we did over 100x). I heard about NBA Top Shot, and subsequently BAYC, and faded them all as I was busy doing my consultant job (making slides).

Eventually, I got pulled deep into Web3 again in July 2021, when my colleague started his P2E (play2earn) guild for Axie Infinity. With his advice, I started my own guild and Axie breeding farm soon after, and subsequently learnt about NFT and began my NFT degen journey. I always felt that it’s a shame that I started this early, and still didn’t end up with any of the ABCD bluechips. Still, throughout the process, I started to realize how revolutionary is the tech behind NFT — true ownership by community, brand value accrual to early supporters etc, which is non-existent in Web2. The NFT boom was clearly a bubble to me, but the underlying technologies is no fluke—Web3 will change the world the way internet did.

Around the same time, my primary school friend, Kun, who is now running an art studio at Moss Motion (check out https://www.mossmotion.com!), reached out to me to help them kickstart a sloth-themed NFT project. The art is insanely amazing (see below), and I managed to help him build a community of sloth lovers! Kun sold out the genesis collection, but the main collection faced strong headwind due to the bear market starting end-Feb and hence we decided to postpone our launch. We eventually found additional teammates to help with the project and re-strategize, but it was there I realize the uphill challenges most artists faced in chasing their passion, including in the Web3 space. Surely, there is a way we can create an ecosystem to support the creators in this space to better fulfill their dream and do what they love the most?

Slothciety NFT — created by my primary school friend!

It was around this time when I got to meet Ivan (AlphaKongzz) and the rest of the team, to create Avium. Our vision aligns — enabling passion, building dreams. We want to create the Avium open-metaverse ecosystem, where millions can own and leverage on our open-source IP/brand to unleash their true potential, utilizing the game-changing capabilities of Web3 (which were discussed in length in our previous articles). Executed well, we know this vision and mission will change the life of millions, and that is what motivates us every single morning to jump out of bed and start building.

If the Why Is strong enough, the How becomes easy. I decided to quit my day job as a consultant and get out of my comfort zone, and build Avium full-time. One of the very smart company partners (once my direct manager) actually asked me:

“Eugene, I’ve never heard of Web3, are you sure of your decision to quit? You have a good future in our company”

Bear in mind, the partners in strategy consulting companies are usually at the forefront of cutting edge technologies, so that we can advise our clients better. This, is when I know that we are still early.

I do think that my life thus far has lead me to this personal watershed moment. Taking the leap somehow feels very natural, and I’m glad to find a founding team with such strong sense of mission and filthy good execution skills. I swear, I feel like the dumbest person in the team all the time, but that’s okay, as we should surround ourselves with people better and smarter than us— I have so much to learn from our team!

The Journey to Avium

So now that I begin my Avium journey, I want to thank our fellow community members for being us and motivating us to deliver the best! You are very early in this mission. The Mission to the Moon 🚀

No matter when you join us, our vision is one and same.

Enabling Passion; Building Dreams.

For Avium, For All.



Enabling Passion; Building Dreams. For Avium, For All.

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Enabling Passion; Building Dreams. For Avium, For All.