The Founding of Avium and Our Vision

Walking on a lonely path, his purity stood through.

The only thought in his head was doubt, he wasn’t sure if he would be accepted.

Standing before the Cube, he looked up, ready to be judged, ready to enter.

Into the world of Avium, to start a new life…

Are you ready for Avium, anon?

The single most defining feature of Web3.0 is the greater accessibility and opportunity for “people”. Decentralized, trustless technology now allows people to directly transact and interact with each other with lesser reliance on “gateways” which traditionally centralize value capture.

Because of this, Web3.0 projects which truly focus on people at its core will succeed. Maximizing the value accrued to “people” goes hand in hand with maximizing the value accrual to the project and the brand.

In this article, we set out our mental models and vision as to how we see us building Avium to be the most prominent Web3 brand, with people at its core.

The Web3 Advantage

The vision of the founding team is to enable the dreams and passion for people. With previous (award-winning) experience in the esports, entertainment and startup sector, we’ve helped thousands of dreamers to chase their passions. We’re now taking that experience and harnessing the industry-disrupting forces of Web3 to design Avium, a world where millions can build their dreams in.

We’re doing this by building the most prominent Web3.0 brand, built and designed around its community.

We believe that using “Web3 technology” is the most strategic way to do this, because of unfair advantage that it offers in terms of brand building. Households brands such as Marvel, Lakers and Manchester United (highest valued brands in their respective industries) took decades and even centuries to achieve their current brand valuation of USD 4–5+ billion. On the other hand, Yuga Labs took less than a year to achieve a valuation of USD 4 billion, and raised one of the highest ever seed round in history in March 2022, led by prominent VCs such as a16z and blue-chip brands including Google, Adidas, Samsung etc.

Many argue that the valuation is purely driven by hype and craze. We think that the brand value achieved within such a short period of time is more than just hype. It’s a fundamental disruption enabled by Web3 technology, via a non-linear model of brand value accrual to the community of NFT holders.

In traditional businesses, value is primarily accrued linearly — users and consumers are targeted to be sold a product, which generates revenue for a business. This revenue is then split to pay employees, business expenses, cost of goods, management fees, and then finally, booked as profit (symbolizing a return of equity to shareholders). There is largely a zero-sum game of value divided between the consumer, and the eventual shareholders. Businesses are therefore incentivized to keep targeting new users to “keep selling”, and for most businesses, the most important step is really to “close the deal”. There are multiple examples of businesses eventually favoring shareholder returns over user value once businesses reach a certain size.

This model is transformed in Web3, where value can accrue in a non-linear manner. For a Web3 brand, where brand ownership is actually shared amongst holders of its NFTs, everybody wins when the value of the brand increases, because NFT holders share a more direct accrual of value — whether financially through the increase of value in the NFT or the social status of the NFT. A closer win-win relationship can be built between the brand and its users, which we really call “community”. The Web3 brand is incentivized to add value to its community, and likewise, the community is also incentivized to become the biggest advocates for the brand, creating a virtuous flywheel where overall value is shared within the community.

This is why we say the single most defining feature of Web3 is the greater accessibility and opportunity for “people”. We shall share more about this in the future (follow us for our upcoming articles!), but our fundamental thesis is that NFTs represent a new form of direct ownership, enabled by smart contract technology which allows the automatic enforcement of any control mechanisms as may be required to incentivize positive actors.

Avium’s community

If people is our focus, then defining the community we want to build Avium around is important on Day 1. And for us, in building our community, the people we look for are those which which resonate with and advocate for Avium’s values. Avium stands for the ability to overcome limitations set by our individual life circumstances, to pursue excellence no matter in which fields, be selfless and inspire people around us to greater heights. Avium is the conviction that we can all be “limitless”, and that the community benefits when we raise the tide collectively.

This is why we say, “For Avium. For All.”

We are building from the ground up, starting with our core community of “founders” (the Abstracts), who aspire to or have made their mark in their respective fields. The Abstracts represent the group of people most closely tied into and contributing to the Avium ecosystem — the thinkers, builders, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and patrons.

The Abstracts are the “Layer 0” in Avium, our ambassadors who add immense value by participating, contributing and building early in Avium. We see this as an important growth strategy, which is to grow organically, starting first from a strong core of people. As the core’s sphere of influence grows, we can then look outwards towards building a wider community, first with the direct Avium community, and then later the larger Web3 community.

Building Avium — a high level overview

We see our brand growth in four broad phases:

Phase 1 is about curating our core community, comprising of experienced entrepreneurs, builders and creators, who understand the Avium vision and wants to build Avium together with us for the long term. Each of these early adopters and advocates of Avium will obtain 1x Founders’ Pass (earnt-mint), the passport to enter the Avium ecosystem. This is really just the starting point of our Web3 influence, as our NFTs represent a shared ownership of the Avium brand amongst our initial community of holders.

In Phase 2, we build brand brand and IP, and expand our influence. We will be establishing strong brand and IPs though multiple media channels — stories, comics, animation and films. All to craft the ultimate 360 immersive experience of the Avium brand. We will be working with our network of content creators to continue to expand the Avium brand presence.

Phase 3’s focus in on distribution and expansion. Owning Founders’ Pass will provide access to the Avium brand and IPs, enabling the community to leverage off Avium’s brand equity to build new products and experience. We will also be developing new use cases for Avium NFTs including novel ways of interaction and brand experience, including exploring potential products and merchandises that will benefit the Avium ecosystem.

In Phase 4, we lay out the Avium metaverse infrastructure. Here, we establish the foundation to enable meaningful connections and exchange of value between all participants in our ecosystem, potentially including token launch (only when we establish strong use cases for tokens). This is where we beginning to realize our vision of an open-metaverse, and positioning ourselves for Phase 5 and beyond.

Put together, we see the first four phases of building as solving for community, branding, distribution and product, and then tying everything together.

The above represents our high level thinking as to how we see ourselves building Avium. The road towards becoming the most prominent brand in Web3 is a long 10-year journey. We are at Day 1 of Avium, and we are excited to embark on this “Limitless” journey with our believers.

As one of the first steps, we are discovering who are our early supporters, the Avium OG/Abstracts. The discovery process will be outlined subsequently, highlighting the thinking process behind our search for Abstracts, and how we think about allocating Whitelists (The Validated) to our early community, who share the same passion and dreams with us.

Avium Limitless Trailer (full backstory in our other article)

All in all, we are looking forward to what we can do with Avium, enabling passion, and building dreams.

For Avium, For All!



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Enabling Passion; Building Dreams. For Avium, For All.