Avium Founders’ Pass — Your All Access Pass to the Avium Ecosystem

“This is to honor the crazy ones. The ones that believed when others did not. The creators, builders and artists working in silence for a better future.

It’s time to rise my fellow creators, this is where you forge your own destiny!”

— Lord Wvu

Before setting out to achieve any of our ambitions, we each ask ourselves, “Why do I want to do this?”

If the Why is strong enough, the How will find its way.

At Avium, our Why is to enable the passion and dreams for millions regardless of background and origins. We are harnessing the power and technology of Web3 to build the an open-metaverse being the Avium ecosystem where everyone can realize their passions and dreams.

We set out to build Avium based on our strong “Why”.

The Founders’ Pass is one of the first steps on “How”.

Explore Avium through the Founders’ Pass

The Avium Ecosystem and its Community of Creators

We’ve designed the Avium ecosystem to empower our community to pursue their passions and dreams, with the support of the resources and creative forces within the ecosystem.

An important part of Avium’s community should therefore comprise aspiring founders and creators who can co-build our vision of a true open-metaverse together with the founding team, tapping into the unique skillsets of all the creators within the Avium ecosystem.

We mentioned in our previous articles that we are looking for big thinkers, builders, entrepreneurs, artists and patrons to join us. Each of these groups adds value to the Avium ecosystem in their own unique ways.

For instance, our artists from Circle Studio and Caravan Studio are part of our community of creators as one of our key ecosystem partners. They bring in decades of experience in creating captivating characters for Dota 2, Mobile Legends, Marvel, Riot Games, and together, we’ve brought to life our vision of the Avium brand.

Enter the Limitless World of Avium (co-created with Circle Studio)

Let’s dive in a bit to the story of Circle Studio, a very established Web2 studio (check them out at https://circlestudio.com.my/).

Notwithstanding their accomplishments, when we first approached Circle Studio, they shared their initial hesitations of entering the Web3 space, generally caused by the negative association of scam projects as well as overall uncertainty of the teams. With a history of creating “dope stuff only”, the potential damage to reputation in the event of working with the wrong partners in Web3 might not be worth the trade-off.

So despite the desire to enter the Web3 space and to learn more about it, a number of obstacles lay before them in this space.

Enter the Avium ecosystem. Via Avium and our experience in Web3 space, the partnerships with Circle Studio was a bridge for them from Web2 into Web3, while dealing with their concerns of a Web3 project.

Legitimate legal entity and doxxed Web3-native founders? Check

Successful community and brand building experience? Check

Thought leadership and expertise in Web3 space? Triple-checked

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that fundamentally, founders are sometimes deterred from experimenting with new creations due to risks— failure, capital loss, reputation damage etc. Through the Avium ecosystem and network, we want to help our community of creators to focus on building dope sh*t, while reducing these risks.

In Avium, ultimately we want to empower our community of founders to do what they do best, enabling everyone’s passion and turning their dreams into reality.

Your All Access Pass to the Avium Ecosystem

In forming this community, we are launching our “Founders’ Pass”, a pass specifically meant for founders and creators who want to tap into Avium’s ecosystem. By holding a Founders’ Pass, one is granted access to exclusive groups, certain rights to subsequent NFT collections, irl investors events/match-making, creative resources, and other benefits planned for. For the very next milestone, Founders’ Pass holders get access to The Origins by Avium, our collection of 9,999 avatars, the next step in Phase 1 roadmap.

There will only be 999 Founders’ Pass, and it is our aim to ensure a high number of unique holders. The Abstract and Validated are given to those who understand our vision and want to be part of our journey — and both will only be allowed to mint 1 Founders’ Pass each.

Founders’ Pass is your All Access pass to the Avium ecosystem. That means pass holders get auto-access to subsequent events and collections by Avium, including the upcoming Origins by Avium. As you can tell from our Phase 1 roadmap, we have a number of drops in the pipeline, many of them in the works already.

As the highest-tiered collection of the Avium ecosystem, naturally Founders’ Pass would accrue the most value as Avium grows as a brand — in other words, you may see the 999 Founders’ Passes as Avium’s “Genesis Collection”, and will have the highest value among all eventual Avium NFT collection.

We see the holders of the pass as “Founders”, as in The Founders of Avium. Staying true to our vision and mission, Avium is a community-owned brand, hence owners of Founders’ Pass own the Avium brand and are considered our Founders.

The Founders will be part of an exclusive club of like-minded people, and as such get access to Founders-only channels. Via these channels, a Founder can tap into to our ecosystem partner network for instance investors, studios and entrepreneurs, with access to early alphas and collabs with upcoming quality projects including WL.

As you are the Founders of Avium, the High Council shall share with you our full plans including Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 roadmaps, and obtain your inputs to co-build the Avium ecosystem. That is the reason we put due consideration in the selection of Abstracts and the Validated, as you have gathered from our previous Medium articles. We are looking for big thinkers, builders, entrepreneurs, artists and patrons to be the owners of Founders’ Pass.

We’ve meticulously designed the Founders’ Pass, working with top-tier artists from Circle Studio. To normies, it is a masterful piece of art. But to you, it is the portal to enter the Limitless World of Avium.

We want the pass owners to be proud to own one, and excited about being part of a dedicated community of founders and creators, to enable the passion and dreams for millions. This is our “Why”, and it will never change.

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you, the Avium Founders’ Pass:

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you enter the Avium Cube, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”

Avium Founders’ Pass (co-created with Circle Studio)

Welcome to Avium.

Enabling Passion; Building Dreams.

For Avium, For All.



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Enabling Passion; Building Dreams. For Avium, For All.