Avium Origins: Defining the World’s first “Metaverse Content”, a New Content Category and Genre

5 min readSep 1, 2022


The Curious Case of (Missing) Content

Touted as the industry to watch in the upcoming decade, interest in the “Metaverse” has burst into mainstream attention in the last two years. Players have rushed in to capitalise on this trend, creating a smattering of virtual worlds where users can interact with each other, and some companies have even gone to the extent of renaming themselves in a bid for eponymous association. Web3 and NFT projects have also jumped on the bandwagon, pushing blockchain and NFT technology as the enabling technology for users to truly own their assets within these metaverses.

Despite this proliferation though, most of these still lack one thing — content.

Current virtual worlds mostly exist as a UI/UX layer, missing a critical content layer which builds a common experience between users. Metaverse brands and NFT projects are generally still in their infancy stage, and for now, most keep their community together by common association of being with the same project.

But it is content which forms the bonding glue for the strongest communities. Across the world, you can have a conversation with almost anyone about Iron Man and the Marvel Universe. If you meet another tourist overseas who comes from the same country as you do, you can chat about your favourite local dishes. Real communities are built off real content.

The true metaverses exist beyond a visualisation layer or a profile picture. They exist in the common experiences provided by content that we can experience together. Content brings people together, and when executed and brought to life correctly, last for generations.

The Curious Case of (Missing) Credibility

Leading up to our official Origins launch on the 31st August (3108), we did a sneak launch earlier, under the codename “Project Bios”. Why BIOS you wonder? Because 3108…

A crashing NFT market

Project Bios is our battle cry for a better future for the Web3 space. Currently, we are in a deep bear market, saturated with negative news as Web3 projects fail to live up to their outlandish promises, and founders either outrightly rug-pulling their communities or just, giving up and watching their projects waste away. The space needed a deep cleanse, and indeed, with the recent market sentiments and action, the deep cleanse started, washing away many projects with short-term outlooks.

To those who were rugged — we are with you

We followed up with Project Degen, which is an animated ode to those who have been burnt, scarred and rugged by projects they trusted in. We commiserate together with all those who have been through what so many of us have been through the past year, with the hope of a silver lining behind the mega mess.

That’s why, it’s time to change things.

Real content, real credibility, and real capacity.

Avium X Caravan X Circle

Avium is here to set the playbook to show what one can truly achieve by harnessing the powers of web3 and community, if this is executed correctly.

We’ve already pioneered the reverse grinding meta, where founders “grinded” for the trust of the community instead of the other way round — because we believe that we should work for the betterment of the community, and that starts by gaining their trust organically. We pioneered the interview whitelist meta in May where we personally interviewed and spoke to every member of our community who was granted a whitelist, and we’re proud to see how this ushered a new generation of projects who took on a similar application or interview to curate the right mix of community.

And now, we’ll be pioneering the content meta — creating and delivering a full 360 content experience to our community. These will include immersive storytelling and brand experience within the world of Avium that we are envisioning, intertwining them with the upcoming Avium Origins PFP collection launching towards the end of year. We’re here to define the metaverse content genre, bringing a whole new level of true community experience to the Web3 space.

We are uniquely positioned to achieve breakthrough in the space, with a combined team of over 150 artists and creators + strong capability to execute, compared to many other Web3 projects. And that’s because we’ve truly invested in building relationships with our ecosystem partners, bringing together Caravan and Circle Studios, two major Southeast Asian studios in the creation of this content meta. Together with them, Avium has this unique, blue ocean opportunity to define and create an entirely new category of metaverse content, ranging from original IP and stories, characters and world building, voice acting, comics, animation, music, films and more.

Gear up for Origins

And we want to pave the way for so many others to do this — for creators to be able to truly launch IP they love, building content that will fill the metaverses with common experiences that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

We know that bringing content to fruition is difficult, with many pieces of the IP creation puzzle, including financing, end-to-end development and production, distribution, merchandising, product-market fit etc.

But now, with Avium’s full support with these puzzle pieces, creators have the opportunity to truly showcase their capabilities to create and produce original stories owned by these creators and the community.

From an artist’s perspective, it’s just so hard to actually showcase your work. Artists in web2 can only showcase their work by working on Marvel, on Blizzard, and other big IPs, but never have an opportunity to actually showcase their own work. This is something that we are trying to solve with Avium. We want to enable people’s passion and build their dreams, creating influential, inspiring, and amazing IP, and be the pioneer of the metaverse content category.

Ivan, Co-Founder of Avium

Avium Origins is our showcase that great creators can launch great content and stories utilising the powers of web3, and that together with the community, we will define a new content genre for the many metaverses that will come upon us.

We’re at Day 0.

But every great story,

Has its Origins

A great story, that you can now be a part of.

Avium Origins, launched 31st August.

For /\ For All.

Watch this space




Enabling Passion; Building Dreams. For Avium, For All.