The Avium Web3 Community Experience and How We See the Whitelist Process

“For those who may have failed, and were mocked.

But know there is so much more you can do.

Reach into your soul; for there lies energy, within you.

To change the world, for better.

Because, we believe in you”

— Lord Chris, Perceiver of All

It has been emphasized many times that in Avium, people are its core, and therefore we spend a fair amount of time thinking about community building and the kind of people we want to build Avium together with. We know how critical our early follower base is to the success of Avium, and hence we take a very strategic and deliberate approach towards laying the infrastructure of building the right community.

In this article, we outline what the Founders’ Pass and Avium Origins Avatars are, the first two components of our Phase 1 roadmap. We also share our thought process as to how we have designed the whitelisting process for our community.

Avium Phase 1 Roadmap

Founders’ Pass

At Avium, our mission is to create an open-metaverse ecosystem, enabling accessibility for millions regardless of background and origins. As such, we’ve specifically designed the Avium ecosystem to empower our community in Avium to pursue their passions and dreams, supported by the resources and creative forces in the Avium ecosystem.

Avium empowers our community to pursue passions and dreams

An important part of Avium’s community will therefore comprise aspiring founders and creators who can co-build the Avium open-metaverse together with the founding team, tapping into the unique skillsets of all the creators within the Avium network.

In forming this community, we’re launching our “Founders’ Pass”, a pass specifically meant for founders and creators who want to tap into Avium’s ecosystem of Web3 investors, builders, creators, and resources. By holding a Founders’ Pass, an individual is granted access to private members-only Discord, Avium Origins NFT (avatars) & subsequent collections, irl investors events/match-making, creative resources, and many soon to be announced benefits.

The Founders’ Pass is meant to be the ultimate pass to access everything in the Avium ecosystem, and as such, we meticulously designed the Founders’ Pass, working with top-tier artists (from Circle Studios) who are the masters of their craft. To the naked eye, it is an exquisite piece of art, but to true Avium fans, it is entry ticket to Avium world. Iykyk.

We want the pass owners to be proud to own one, and excited about being part of a dedicated community of founders and creators.

Avium Origins

Another key component of our roadmap is the launch of our Avium Origins Avatars.

Avium Origins are our collection of 9,999 unique characters from the three races (Creo, Vero, Deus) in the world of Avium. These characters are designed by Caravan Studios (with experience in character design work for Marvel, Riot Games, Mythic Protocol etc.), and aims to create the most visually-stunning avatar collection in the space. Avium Origins avatars are inspired by cyberpunk and dystopian themes, with ever-growing key roles and utilities in the Avium metaverse.

Avium Origins Avatar: Lord Chris, Perceiver of All

For an NFT brand to be successful, the collection has to be top-notch in terms of art quality and utility while also being able to deeply resonate with the community. The current crop of blue-chips — the ABCD of NFTs (Azuki, BAYC, CloneX, Doodles) are all able to achieve this — fantastic art and utility, and the ease of being relatable, and a resonance of identity with the community.

At Avium, top-notch art with a strong vision is our core; we are bringing in decades of experience in creating characters and building worlds into Avium — with the goal of bringing characters and worlds that resonate with our community members to life. Our Avium Origins collection is the start of this, giving our community members an identity in the Avium ecosystem, and an opportunity to grow together with Avium.

Emblems of the races of Avium

Which path shall you take?

The creative path of Creo?

The perseverant path of Vero?

The spiritual path of Deus?

Regardless, together, we are Avium.

Our Whitelisting Vision

Whitelists are available for both our Founders’ Pass and the Avium Origins collection, and we thought it was important to share the process as to how we envision this. While traditional “marketing” tactics use whitelisting as a form of gated entry and as a control of demand and supply, we generally stay away from “grinding” mechanics and are really looking to build the right community. As a start, if you believe in what we are building, and you believe that by building with us you can collectively benefit your community, then you are one step closer to our whitelist!

The Validated will help us strengthen our reach to all corners of the world, and spread the gospel of Avium — hence we are looking for true believers to be whitelisted.

Whitelist for Founders’ Pass

We will be conducting 1-on-1 chats with all potential holders of Founders’ Pass. Yes, all 999 of you, if needed be. This is because we want to curate the community carefully, as the first 1,000 core community either make or break a project! We also want to learn more about you, to understand your life aspiration, and how we can build together under the Avium banner.

Especially for Founders’ Pass Whitelist, we are looking for big thinkers, builders/creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and patrons, who can co-build the Avium open-metaverse together with us.

Big thinkers: Those who think out of the box, and refuse to conform to mainstream thinking. They bet on contrarian truth, backed by deep conviction and thorough analysis.

Builders/Creators: Those who build worthwhile things, whether in Web2 or Web3. They have spent an insane amount of time in perfecting their craft, and the world shall look in awe at their creation.

Entrepreneurs: Those who have chewing glass and staring into the abyss while running their start-up. They would never give-up. and hustled with full conviction because they know nothing worthwhile can ever be done easily.

Artists: Those who are blessed with either natural artistic talent, or had to work their ass off to acquire these world-bending artistic skills.

Patrons: Those who are able to spot diamonds in the rough and provide the necessary support and polishing to turn them into what they truly are.

Those who aspire to become founders or creators will be considered equally as those who have already made their mark, as Avium is for All.

Whitelist for Origins Avatars

Once we complete the mint for Founders’ Pass, we will announce the whitelisting process for Origins Avatars. In general, the whitelist for Origins will be given out to our community members via a combination of distribution channels, including collabs, AMA raffles, fan art, games and handpicking of genuine fans among our community.

We are excited to welcome our new members to the Avium Web3 community experience.

This is just the start of Avium. We’ve been planning, building and sacrificing everything for this. We strive to do our best for the community as we are aiming to build an ecosystem where we can truly allow members to pursue their passion and build their dreams.

For Avium, For All.

One step at a time.



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