The Journey to Avium Day-1

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to.”

“You take the red pill, you enter the Avium Cube, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Welcome to Day-1”

Link to Avium Founders’ Pass official OS page:

Welcome to Day-1

Citizens of Avium, we are finally here! This week, we launched the Avium Founders’ Pass, and with that, we are on the cusp of the beginning of our exciting 10-year limitless journey :)

Infographics for Avium Founders’ Pass

Leading up the mint week, we’ve gathered 700 WL to build the core community (Avium Phase 1), and here’s a recap on the journey thus far — The Beginning, The Process, and The Outcome.

The Beginning

We first started community building in April, looking to gather a community of entrepreneurs, builders and creators — our plan has always been to bring the community together with us on this journey, and we wanted to grow with this core group, these individuals, who would build Avium with us. This is also why we call the pass a Founders’ Pass.

Following the healthy traction on our twitter page, we excitedly opened our Discord in early April, attracting the first wave of members with great enthusiasm.

However, despite the initial excitement and plans, we started to realise that we needed to do more to attract the right “founders” community. As with many projects, the chat was initially populated with WL grinders greeting each other with “GMs” and friends reminders “to hydrate”.

We kept our Discord closed for a period of time as we felt that the discussions were not conducive for a community of builders and creators. During this time, while considering our approach, we gave out ~50 WL to active contributors and collab winners, and managed to attract some quality early supporters such as the legend SirJianz (#A010) —in fact, we recently held a SirJianz Meet when he recently visited Avium HQ!

We thought hard as to how to build the community we wanted. We knew we had a vast network to tap into with our Web2 experience, including our social media presence on traditional platforms like LinkedIn, but how could we attract and ensure that we were getting the right people?

Being seasoned entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that in any organization, to gather the right people, one should know the candidates first, and conduct interviews to identify the right candidates. Surely we can bring this tried-and-tested web2 practice to web3?

Hence, the innovative 1-to-1 interview/chat to curate the right community — we decided that we would interview each and every member who was interested to be part of the community, to get to know them and to understand them better. If we felt that they resonated with what we wanted to build and our values, we would then whitelist them.

The Process

This required a huge time commitment. We aimed to whitelist around 700+ people. Assuming a 50% acceptance rate, that meant conducting at least 1,400 interviews. If each interview were to take an average of 20+ minutes, we will would need to commit around 500 hours to conduct the 1-on-1 interviews.

500 hours. That is a lot of time. But, the Avium founders are not afraid of hard work. In fact, we cherish it. As experienced builders ourselves, We understand that at the very beginning of a business, it’s of paramount importance to set the foundation right. At Avium, the community is our core, hence we need to ensure that the first 1,000 community members are the right fit, even if tremendous level of hard work is required. Like what Paul Graham advised— start by doing the unscalable, in order to scale well in the long term.

In the end, we did spent ~500 hours in total for the online interviews (average of 125 hours per co-founder — we have 4 co-founders to spread the load). We received a total of 2,500 whitelist applications, out of which 1,500 are shortlisted for online interviews. These applications come from 3 major channels: Twitter, Discord, and LinkedIn. Avium’s founders have strong presence on LinkedIn, and we decided to reach out via LinkedIn to Web2 crowds who are curious about Web3, offering them a trusted passage to enter Web3 via Avium.

In addition, we tapped into our professional network, where we conducted 300+ face-to-face chats with founders and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.

At the end of this process, we curated around 700 WL members for Founders’ Pass. Members whom we are proud to have in the Avium community, consisting of founders, creators, builders, artists, people who truly understand Avium.

The Outcome

The outcome? Turns out the community we curated is pretty diamond-handed, as less than 10% have listed their Founders’ Pass. We accept that some people will always need liquidity or have other personal reasons, and to us, it is not an issue and we always welcome sellers to rejoin us at a later stage of the Avium project.

Because our whitelist was precisely curated, we know exactly who received the Founders’ Pass. And we are extremely proud and happy to know that for those which we personally interviewed, extremely few listed and sold their Founders’ Pass, giving strong evidence that our “interview” reverse grinding works better compared to traditional methods. Reverse grinding requires founders’ to grind instead of the community (we grinded for 500 hours in total lol), to allow us to better identify key community members and explaining our vision to them in a personal way.

Which brings us here to today, Mint Week. And once the 1-week minting window is closed, we move on to Avium Phase 2: Brand and IP Building.

We are soon entering Phase 2

We are at Day-1, Avium citizens. Day 1 of a long, limitless journey, and we look forward to building Avium into a decentralized media entertainment brand owned by our community.

Together, with you.

Enabling Passion, Building Dreams.

For /\ For All.



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Enabling Passion; Building Dreams. For Avium, For All.